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If you come here firstly, you may want to read about Amsterdam before.If you woould like to read about Amsterdam before Heineken Experience, please click here.

Heineken Experience, you can find here, is really different factory that it feels you different there. Amazing staffs, ambiance hold you for a long time. Let’s give you some feeling about this factory museum.

General Info


Monday – Thursday  10:30 – 19:30. Last entry and ticket sales are at 17:30.

Friday – Sunday 10:30 – 21:00 Last entry and ticket sales are at 19:00. (Check the extra times summer-winter season from Heineken Experience website)

Ticket price:

Heineken Experiece price is 16 Euros for adults. also, there are 3 tour options, heineken Experience toour, VIP tour and Rock the City, includes Heineken Experience, A’dam Tower and canal cruise (all of this is 25 Euros).

Also, there is another information that you may want to know. There is an app about Heineken Experience in App Store and Google play store. This app is audio and video guide.

Entrance of Heineken Experience

heineken entrance
Heineken entrance

Here is  the entrance of it. This place deserves its name “Experience” because, there is a simulator that they make you feel a seed of Heineken beer. Before this, we will meet the Experience.

How can we find this entrance?

Stadhouderskade tram station is almost near to the factory or you can find it across to Van Randwijk monument. If you can’t find it, just ask anyone, don’t struggle 😀

Inside Heineken Experience

heineken memory
Amsterdam memory

That is the way of telling “we were there” :)) There are too many things to have fun and get some good memories from Heineken Experience. We took photo by some group of friends. Then, we took them, they are really crowded group 😀

Heineken Bottles

Every step in there is exploring new things about here:

heineken bottle
WOBO bottle

This WOBO Bottle was used in 1960 and Freddy Heineken had an idea about the bottles in order to be used to build houses, recyclable bottle. That is an interesting and futuristic idea 🙂

Heineken Logos

heieneken objects
Heieneken logos

These are its logos for advertising and image. Change in logo creates more strong logo in every transformation we think.

Famosa en Todo el Mundo

serv in heineken
Serv in Heineken

As we know, it means “famosa en todo el mundo – Worldwide Famous“. That is a true thing that its fame goes beyond worldwide. There are many things that you can learn about here in every corner of it.

heinekn bier
Heineken bier

There is a stable which horses are there. This horse is named “Gerard“. It is really huge horse.

Horse namely Gerard in Heineken
Horse namely Gerard in Heineken

Heineken Delivery Team

Let’s look at the delivery team of Heineken. I guarentee that if we were the member of this team, Heineken goes upper from now :)) Of course joking, but this photo looks like we can do it!

heineken team
Heineken Team

Bartender Selection

There is a something like bartender simulation. Goal of it to fill the glass with quality beer head. This is n’t real filling the glass. There is an electronic system that know your glass hold-angle, so tells you win or lose :)))

heineken bartender selection
Heineken bartender selection
heineken bartender selection
Heineken bartender selection

The games like that are too many. It is a place that you can’t get bored. After keep walking, we got a room. There was a real bartender there, not me 😀 guess what? A New Game is starting 🙂 The game is that like countries and cheers words. people who know the answer get the extra free glass of Heineken. Also, the bartender tells  story about the beer and of head. Really cool story as you know if you wait too much, the taste of  beer is going down slowly 🙂

Seeds of heineken beer
Some contains of Heineken beer

These are some contains of Heineken beer. ıt is really huge system even for photo cam frame.

There are a coridor to change lights and awesome ambiance to have fun with the lights and bottles. If you wear, it looks like disco disco partizani :)))

Heineken Experience Entertainment

heineken bottles v2
Heineken bottles
heineken funny
Heineken funny
heineken bottles
Heineken bottles
heineken funny
Heineken funny

Simulation in Heineken Experience

There is a simualtion room taht you wait to get in there. After you enter, you get on a system make you feel in virtual reality. After the system starts, you understand that you are a seed into the beer-production. It was really realistic and it has surprised-lasting. So, we have to stop talking about the simulators. Hence, you can love it more than we talked to you.

There are some exact things to do in Heineken Experience;

  1. get some photos in front of the memory cartoon.
  2. explore the bottles, logos, seeds and beer tanks.
  3. get a look to stable and horses.
  4. try to guess cheers word of related countries.
  5. play some playstation games or table football.
  6. find the lights and bottles, you know, disco disco partizani 😀
  7. try to attend to simulation tour.
  8. live the experience and get some gifts to the crazy friends about the gifts 😀

I hope this post get you there for a while. If you go there, just have fun, don’t forget;

Travel is cool.


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