Guide for Erasmus Student to Eskişehir

Varuna Gezgin Cafe

Hello, Traveliscool readers and member of readers 🙂 You can check the countries from Erasmus countries and connections between the universities. Also, check the aim of Erasmus program before get on the plane :))) We just want to give you some idea how about Erasmus in Eskişehir. Erasmus is very useful and famous among the youth in university. We don’t call you as students, ’cause youth is more spesific for Erasmus. Anyway, Erasmus was a student-exchange programme between universities, also between countries 🙂 But, now Erasmus is a lifestyle due it teaches the real life with new friends and new area to explore… Do you think yourself a one of the candidate of Anadolu University International Students or Eskişehir Osmangazi University International Students? If you think check this post 🙂

This post is not fully guide, but really useful to know about Eskişehir and lifestyle here. So, Let’s get on the plane…

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