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Varuna Gezgin Cafe

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Hello, Traveliscool readers and member of readers 🙂 You can check the countries from Erasmus countries and connections between the universities. Also, check the aim of Erasmus program before get on the plane :))) We just want to give you some idea how about Erasmus in Eskişehir. Erasmus is very useful and famous among the youth in university. We don’t call you as students, ’cause youth is more spesific for Erasmus. Anyway, Erasmus was a student-exchange programme between universities, also between countries 🙂 But, now Erasmus is a lifestyle due it teaches the real life with new friends and new area to explore… Do you think yourself a one of the candidate of Anadolu University International Students or Eskişehir Osmangazi University International Students? If you think check this post 🙂

This post is not fully guide, but really useful to know about Eskişehir and lifestyle here. So, Let’s get on the plane…


Eskişehir is a youth city near the capital city, Ankara, in Turkey. It is really close to the Ankara and also İstanbul. The weather is continental in Eskişehir. So, it is cold in winter and you may wanna get some winter concept clothes. Fortunately, there is cafe culture in Eskişehir. So, it is easy to find a cafe and taste the coffes and get warm. However, the spring is better than winter, but at nights weather is still chilly in the spring.

There are 2 universities in Eskişehir. They are; Anadolu University and Eskişehir Osmangazi University. We got bachelor and MSc degree in Anadolu University. Also, my wife went to the Poland via Erasmus programme between Adam Mickiewicz University and Anadolu University. So, firstly try to search and learn some info about the universities in Eskişehir. Erasmus Anadolu University is really enjoyable that you get experience in excahne programme.

How can you come to Eskişehir?


There are many ways to come to the Eskişehir. Let’s start with one of them. Firstly, everybody can guess that you can come to İstanbul by plane, bus, train. If you come by plane to İstanbul you have 2 options to land, Atatürk Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Atatürk airport is in the European side of İstanbul and Sabiha Gökçen Airport is in the Anatolia side of İstanbul. So, what would you do or in the other of meaning which airport is more useful to come to Eskişehir. Don’t panic. Just keep reading.

Atatürk Airport is one of the biggest international airport in Turkey. It is in the European side of İstanbul. you can choose to come Eskişehir from İstanbul by bus or by speed train. It takes 5-6 hours by bus and takes 2.35 hours by speed train. Let’s look to the transportation choices. Firstly, if you come to Atatürk Airport, you can take a metro to the Esenler bus terminal. Then, you can ask the timetables to the Eskişehir.


  1. You will see the bridge while you are in the bus.
  2. You can decide to stay and see İstanbul.
  3. I am not sure but, maybe you can find better ticket price to the Atatürk Airport.


  1. You have to go Esenler bus terminal, it is a little bit far from airport.
  2. Then, you have to find bus tickets.
  3. You have to be in the bus about 4-5 hours to arrive to Eskişehir. Then, you have to take tram to the center, not so far (about 15 minutes).


If you choose the Sabiha Gökçen airport. You can choose the taxi cap to the Pendik YHT Train Station. You can tell the taxi driver “Pendik YHT Hızlı Tren İstasyonu” they can bring you there. You can check your ticket there or before come to the İstanbul. I advice you that get your ticket before come to İstanbul. It can be finished before you take. Approximately, 2 weeks before the travel date, system opens to sell the tickets. You can follow it by this website, TCDD, just click here. If you choose Eskişehir in the system, then don’t panic if Ankara or Konya is written in the tickets for train last station. It is written due they are last stop on the route.


  1. You can come to the station quicker.
  2. After coming to the station, the travel time to Eskişehir is only 2.35 hours.
  3. With train choice,  you get off the train almost at city center (about 5 minutes by walking).


  1. You don’t see the bridge in İstanbul.
  2. Maybe you don’t try to stay in İstanbul, due airport and train station is to close and train is speed to come to Eskişehir.
  3. It would be limited tickets and airlines from yoour country to the Sabiha Gökçen airport.

The second way of coming to Eskişehir is by bus from İzmir and speed train from Ankara. From İzmir to Eskişehir lasts about 5-6 hours by bus. From Ankara to Eskişehir by speed train, it lasts about 1,25 hours. Of course, you have to get a bus or train from airports to the train or bus stations.

After this information, you are at Eskişehir finally 🙂 I guess you can plan to come and see what about the next with Erasmus programme personnel in the universities. We will leave some  advices end of this post, of course just as we know. Please get good information from the university authorized personnel.


Porsuk River in Eskişehir
Porsuk River in Eskişehir

Life in Eskişehir is quiet simple and enjoyful. If you decide to come to this city, let’s look at the prices about living here.

1 month renting a house = about 120 Euros for 1+1 or 1+0 (depend on the location and your negotiation power :))

1 bread: 1 Turkish Liras (TL) = 0,23 Euros

1 hamburger menu (McDonalds) = about 13 TL = 3,11 Euros

1 plastic bottle of water = 1 TL = 0,23 Euros

1 transportation ticket = about 2 TL = about 0,5 Euros

1 portion kebab = about 10 TL = 2,40 Euros

1 ticket for cinema = about 13 TL = about 3,11 Euros

Night clubs and live music places = most of the places have free-entrance until … time.

These are the non references info and can change the time of your coming here. But, prices are mostly changeable according to prices above. If you have any question just know by leaving comment and ask before you forget. Becaus,e questions are really speedy 🙂

Some places that I got some experiences to stay are Bağlar, Bahçelievler, Şirintepe, Atatürk Boulevard. These places have differences about location, distance to the universities and city centres, people who lives there, locals or students etc.

You can talk about the accomodation with Erasmus programme office in the university you come. As I know in Anadolu University, the office publish an announcement to their students about getting an Erasmus friend and stay together during your Erasmus education in Anadolu Unversity. Except that they can give you info about the accomodation that you can choose. You can reach the personnels via this website for Anadolu University.

We did something for now: We decided to come to Eskişehir. Then, we chose the transportation choice to Eskişehir form the cities in Turkey. We learned about the prices approximately. Now let’s check the places in Eskişehir.


There are 4 big shopping centre in Eskişehir. They are ESPARK, KANATLI, ÖZDİLEK and NEOPLUS. First and second of them are in the city centre. To go to third and foırth one, you can walk or take a bus. In Espark, you can find clothes, book store (D&R), gift shops, household goods (English Home, Madame Coco etc.), electronic devices (MediaMrkt) even food (Migros) and of course cinema (Cinemaximum) and restaurants.

In KANATLI, you can find Boyner clothes, sunglasses, perfumes etc. You can find a book store, cinema and play ground (Bowling, Karaoke etc) here. KANATLI shopping centre is in the city centre. its place named “Doktorlar”. You are near “the Adalar” place which you can see the river there and lots of cafes through the river. Here is a place for everybody, but mostly students.

ÖZDİLEK has a little distance by walking. You can find there clothes, cinema, restaurants etc. NEOPLUS is another shopping centre. You can choose to walk to explore the streets or get a tram or taxi.


Tram in the city
Tram in the city

You can take a bus or tram to use public transportation. Tram is a little bit crowded. Because it is more quick and has good air conditioning. In addition, tram is entering into the city center so, it is good to explore most of the place from tram. If you choose Anadolu University, there is a tram station, named “Anadolu Üniversitesi” or “Eczacılık”. You can choose one of them to go to the university. This stations are for main campus “Yunus Emre Campus”. For engineering, aviation or sports faculty you have to go to the “İki Eylül Campus” where you can go by bus or taxi. Try to get a student card to get some discount for public transportation.


Here is a road that has many shops you can find everything there. You can find clothes, household goods, electronic devices. You can choose just see there or try to get a nice shower in the Turkish Bath. I can advice to see here and shop what you need during your Erasmus semester.


Adalar is a district that you can find cafes and book stores in. You can explore the near Porsuk River. You can take a boat trip or gondola trip. It is adviced to try these. You can take long walking along with the Porsuk River. Nights and weekends get many people in Adalar, mostly young and university people. You can play games, chat with your friends or just hang on for a while. It is really cool place. If you are lucky, you can see the frozen river in the winter.

Adalar District and Prosuk River
Adalar District and Porsuk River – amazing for Erasmus students


Espark at night
Espark at night – amazing for Erasmus students
Around ESPARK – amazing for Erasmus students

ESPARK shopping centre is really close to the city life. You can go there by walking from most of the places. You can see the ESPARK and aroud it from photo. There are lots of cafe to go and have fun with your new friends. There are some examples of them and there are lots of them in the Adalar District and in other places.

Here is outside of Espark. There are some walking area to get you to Centre. You can walk or get a rest in the bank.


There are many cafes in Eskişehir. There are some examples that we got experienced and we loved it. We tried to mention about the cafes that we got experienced before.


Varuna Gezgin
Varuna Gezgin – amazing for Erasmus students

This cafe is named Varuna Gezgin and has really good staff and ambiance. This and another branches of it in the different cities are really popular among the students and locals. There are 2 floors and 1 terrace into it. You can find lots of type for alcohol, soda and food there. You can get amazing times in. You can keep in touch via this website. Other name of this cafe is “Cafe Del Mundo”.

Varuna Gezgin Cafe
Varuna Gezgin Cafe – amazing for Erasmus students

The interior design is amazing and impressive. It is entirely well-equipped for people who want to have fun there. Every corner of here has a funny thing to get your attention. Also, there is  a contest here as time is Sunday night. I will explain it, just keep reading.

Entrance door to Terrace in Varuna Gezgin Cafe
Entrance door to Terrace in Varuna Gezgin Cafe


Table Numbers
Table Numbers

We try to write our table numbers to get a lottery for us. It is done by us to decide another trip route, but for now we hold this amazing idea in our mind.

Other photo is inside of Varuna Gezgin Cafe. just try here and get a fan of them during your Erasmus experience. Here is a second branch of Varuna Gezgin. also, it has amazing interior design. just give an example;

Varuna Gezgin Cafe v2
Varuna Gezgin Cafe v2 – amazing for Erasmus students


Let’s talk about the contest :). This contest is a quiz show, named “Quiz Night”. It is quiz but, you are free to use mobile phone, book, encyclopaedia, computer 😀 You can join alone or group team. Goal of this is being active on Sunday nights. There are some gifts to the winner teams (3) like: backpacks, Mundo money etc. It is really fun and enjoyable to wait for Sunday nights. Thanks Varuna Gezgin Cafe team. 


This is a pub. Also, you can find lots of food or you can get a breakfast. We tried and liked their food and breakfast. You can find here close to the amusement park. Here has also very good interior design and foods/drinks. Just give a chance during your Erasmus semester.

Varuna Memphis Pub
Varuna Memphis Pub – amazing for Erasmus students


Odunpazarı Houses
Odunpazarı Houses – amazing for Erasmus students

There are some old houses in Odunpazarı, named Odunpazarı Houses. Here is an amazing place to see the oldie but goldie houses. You can explore here and get some gifts (ie. meerschaum wristband, earrings, necklace, even tobacco pipe) you can find some museums there. These are Glass Art Museums, Wax Museum etc. you can visit some houses. It costs just 1-2 TL. You can try traditional food here, Çibörek, Mercimekli mantı etc. You can buy hand-made goods that the womens made.


There are lots of traditional and Turkish foods here. We don’t share photos about that. Because, you should see and taste this amazing flavour. I mean “dont panic, you can not starving 😀 there are many good foods to eat. There are some advices list to eat before leave Eskişehir.

  1. Çibörek
  2. Kıymalı mantı
  3. Mercimekli mantı
  4. Gözleme
  5. Kebab
  6. Pide
  7. Lahmacun etc.

Anyway, you can solve the foods and good places to eat by trying.


Firstly, We advice to be an erasmus student here. It is really good place to live and being a student here. The other advices wait for you in the list below. You can leave comments if you need more info about Eskişehir or just share your ideas. We can answer as well as we know. If you come here before, just share your experiences and ideas in comments to the new students in Erasmus programme.

  1. Decide the transportation to Eskişehir before come to Turkey.
  2. Get your bus or train tickets before come.
  3. Keep in touch with Erasmus office in the university. If you have accomodation problem tell them about it.
  4. Try to get a student transportation card to get discount.
  5. Get some jackets according to the season. but, don’t forget mostly, at nights the weather is a little bit chilly even in spring.
  6. Look the emergency numbers before come.
  7. Get friends and try to have fun in Eskişehir, “Youth City”

Traveliscool team…


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