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There are lots of film decision tricks to watch on these days. Not too difficult to get a film and watch it. In the ancient times :D, there were open-air cinemas, mobilize cinemas to make the films more accessible. But, nowadays there is no problem, like that. We also travel a lot and really love to watch films. I like but, my darling doesn’t like to watch too much. So, this is my list that I watched.

Every film has a unique taste in it. Some of them makes us happy, some oıf them makes us emotional, smarter 😀 But, there is an exact thing that a film can be perfect for me, but not you. This is really tricky situation among the friends, family members 🙂 So, firstly how can we decide which film can be good for us? how can we decide to watch a film or not to waste pour time? We can use film decision tricks.

Firstly, every film contains a goal in every scene of it. It is reflection of directors’ minds. Hence, the film is representing the directory team. Also, casting team 😀 but amazing cast. It is really attractive for me. Because, cast is core area of film. Sometimes, there are no text in the scene, but you can understand the situation by looking to Robin Williams’ mimics. Let’s start to examine film decision tricks to decide a checklist to choose a film.

Film Decision Tricks
Film Decision Tricks


Most of you can think that why isn’t the story the first criteria. Because, every story can be an attractive with the most proper cast team. But, every player can’t play in every story. It is probably that not suitable for watching a film with full attention. Because every scene disturbs you in something way. Every scene makes you think about the proper player for this story. So, let’s check the directory team and starring. But, not in rush to decide it. Because another important thing about cast is co-starring. I know some films that audience have more attention to the co-stars. this is amazing situation. It is like you had a blog post. You have main keyword to ring it to the net, but, also you can be found by auxilary keywords. this is amazing So, just check the star and co-star of the film.


If you have a film-taste, most of you don’t want to change it. I also can’t change my film-taste. For me, biography and some films about maths and science are cool. but, I try to watch some kinds of films that not interested in my film choice. But, it is just as bonus in my film experiences. Kinds of films are also important. As you know, starring actors like to play in different kinds of films. But, we don’t have to watch all the films that the starring, who we like, play into. After the cast, we will decide to types of it.


After the check the cast, we can have thousands of amazing films. But, which story is attractive for us. At this point, story of the film is catching you. It is related to your mood in that day. But, mostly the style of your film category can’t change occasionally. So, in most intensive day, you can choose the emotional films. But, it can’t reflect your general film choices. So, in general, first aim is that film should catch you in your general film choices. Because, it affects the full story of the film.

Now, for general conditions, we ca assume that you are watching biography themes. So, you will check the starring and co-starring, then give your focus to the story. After that you will continue read to learn :))


Now, we decided on some films that we checked the starring, co-starring and story of them. Then, let’s check the trailers of them. This is really important thing. There are some tricks to do it;

  1. Watch the trailer in official.
  2. Watch the trailer in official and in your language if it’s possible.
  3. You can choose to watch it with proper subtitles.
  4. Don’t look the comments about the films for now.
  5. Watch other versions of trailer and try to get the point of film.

These are not to difficult to apply if you watch a good film. I really thanks myself due I check the films and not to decide some of them. Because, normally we don’t have eternal time to chose and watch a film that is not useful for us. So, it is useful to get a strategy while choosing a film.


We can find some films now showing, but we also can find films that we like in DVD format same type as in the cinema. What will we do? check this out 🙂

  1. If we go to home, is that my home or not? because, you cant watch the film by try to be hospitable person. 😀
  2. If we go to the cinema, is it really worth to watch it in the cinema, Dolby effect, wider screen, pop corns and etc. Is that film good enough to waitch there?
  3. how many people will you watch with, how many people is the important question for single people. 😀 because every cinema day can transform a house-work day to the single person. In general guests will go, and you have to tidy the house again. 😀

these are comic reasons but most of them have some difficulties to tidy the house :DD

Now, we completed almost evcerything. Now, ı will give you advice some films and will continue in every week as ı watched of course.


we have lots of films to advice as film advices. But, we will share them step by step. Films advices can give you some clues about the films if they are not too long that give you spoiler 😀

There is a film advices list here, enjoy it and share comments after watch 🙂

  1. GOOD WILL HUNTING – Robin Williams, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, that is an amazing movie to watcha smarter person who not care of it too much. check this out: GOOD WILL HUNTING

    Good Will Hunting
    Good Will Hunting
  2. A BEAUTIFUL MIND – Russell Crowe, Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly, that is biography film that shows you John Forbes Nash’s life. check this out: A BEAUTIFUL MIND

  3. THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY – Dev Patel, Jeremy Irons, Malcolm Sinclair, that is a candidate of classics of our future years. check this out: THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY


Have fun with your films in your travels or spare times. Check us on instagram

Have a nice watch 🙂

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