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Our motto selfie

We will talk about the our motto next paragraphs. but, FIRST LET ME TAKE A SELFIE 😀

I was born in İzmir, which is called Pearl of Aegean, 1989. İzmir is number one city all over the world. Because, it is a privilege to become a person from İZMİR. She is born in İstanbul. İstanbul is the most beautiful city by point of her view :))) She can not persuade me about the cities. Because, I can not explain how you feel while you said I am from İZMİR. One day I can tell you why it is the best for me.

So, we met and now we are here to share our observations, memories, all the things we have about the cities all over the world. Before we got this adventure, we thought too much, about reading, looking photos. Because, I am not a “catch me if you can” style readers but, I like to see the cities by another view point. That is what keep me enthusiastic to read travel bloggeres.

We love to share the things we got experienced and liked. We can tell you for example “Eiffel Tower is very huge and amazing architecture. It was made by Gustava Eiffel and then we can tell you about the feeling of being there, seeing beautiful tower”. Not to tell you there are bla bla bla floor, made by iron etc. I dont know anyway, it is not felt you nice or taught you anything about being there. We think you got the point. That is our motto in this blogging.

We traveled in 8 countries and 19 cities for now. traveling is a lifestyle for us. Mostly, we planned and travel not according to the plan. Because, there are always a good reason to keep you away plans 🙂 We just to keep attention to the budget. So, We make a quality plan about transportation and accommodation. We really save the time and money by doing this. Especially, in Poland, our travel plans saved us 😀 we will talk about later.

Please dont hesitate to tell your ideas or experiences about our travel post. If you go there or will  you go there you can leave comments, we can help you as well as we know. or just leave the comment about the city in the post, so we and readers can learn more things from you and this blog.

In this blog, we will mention about our amazing, unbelievable, gorgeous :DDD travels and give you some tips about traveling, keeping safe in while traveling, or lifestyle things like foods, Erasmus. Ans-yway you can start your travel in this blog by our Erasmus in Eskişehir post. that is our first lifestyle subject to share with you. We are not expert about the lifestyle posts, Just we are trying something :))

You can connect us via Let’s talk menu. ıt is welcome to your ideas or any projects to be talked about.

This is our second try to be a good travel blogger. We had an experience before this. Actually, it was funny, but not the best moments for us. Beacuse, we had to study, work, PhD for me, MSc for her. So, days gone with the wind.

Now, here we are again 🙂 But, in this time, we are stubborn to write our travel adventures, challanges, best and worst moments that we had in the cities. Hence, we kindly request from you to keep follow and read us to give a chance to be better than first blog times.

We hope that you will have fun with this blog. So, just subscribe and wait for our first story. https://www.instagram.com/dunyayigezerken/

Wish you a good day.

Travel.is.cool team