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If you want to learn about travel checklist and get a travel tricks to get some clues about before travel phase, you are on proper place. Travel checklist, travel helper before travel can be said about this article.

Figure into the Fontana di Trevi
Figure into the Fontana di Trevi

Uppss! I just dropped my mouse I am so excited to write here again, so I try to use touchpad, oo wait a minute, Mouse is on alive again :)) I am going on with mouse.

Ok, let’s go. How are you, folks? We are happy to go on with new article for you. Firstly, we had to apologize to you. Because we are not here for a long time. I had to find a good one doctorate subject for my researches. My wife also works hardly as assoc. editor in a scientific journal. But, this is not an excuse of course. So, here we go…

I can’t start without the phrase “here we go” it feels me belongs to the magical blog world 🙂

Today, want to chat about before travel, how much before –at the beginning the earth is a cluster of gases and dusts- Of course not too much beginning, just a little run the tape back 🙂

Travel checklist is good to make all of them properly. So, not take this a guide, just accept it as a idea share. So, you shoud check anything that you need formerly from the consulate. What are we doing before travel and we want to share about what you are doing before travel. Come on don’t be shy, let’s get chatty today 🙂 because it is not easy to write a travel checklist. So, if we forget something in travel checklist, please leave comment to get it consider.

Ok, I go first…


This idea is valid if and only if ticket price to main city where you want to go is much more than ticket price to the other cities in the same country. what we will decide: for example Bologna flight or Bologna train, Florence flight, Rome flight or Florence train, Rome train. We will see here how can we do or should we do this comparison?


If we think about travel, firstly we are working for it. Not to earn money, it’s not about money. We are trying to get the soul of the place that we wonder to see. So, just brainstorm. After, determine the options, we filter them according to our money. If we have enough money, we can play our cards bravely… but, if we don’t have, then try to choose proper one. Let’s take second condition, don’t have enough money.

After decided the city you want to visit, please don’t write the city on Skyscanner directly. This is not proper behavior for your budget. This fabulous idea came to me from my wife.

        One day we tried to get a ticket to Rome. Then, immediately, I moved firstly and said I can handle it. But, it didn’t come true as I said. I couldn’t look to the screen due the prices. Then she moved, looks like against me 🙂, she said just write another city near the target city, for us it was Bologna and Hokey Pokey. The price decreased to the 49 Euros, it was amazing budget-save move 🙂 

Around Colosseum
Around Colosseum

Not everytime valid trick, but it is worth to try. So, don’t forget to this idea. Life gives and takes money so, if you are in the time that life is taking money from you, so you can use this against the first. In our example, we saved much money for flight tickets. But, now we have to get a victory against the accommodation in the Bologna. You can pass it by taking there just one night and renting a hostel room or budget-friend hotel. You can also travel in the same day by train, but one-day rest and getting some memories and delicious pasta with Bolognese sauce.

So, if the main city ticket price is more expensive than other cities in the same country, you can check flights to the other cities. if it isn’t, just buy the ticket to the main city.


We handled the flight ticket by Skyscanner and landed to the nearest city to our target city. After that, for our example check for the trains to Rome or check one stop more if your budget can afford it. Don’t forget that you should plan all of this before go there. This is very important for your budget and surprising costs.

Just go to the Trenitalia by link this. This is the website that we checked the train in Italy. We check generally before 6 or more months to the main date we want to travel. So, you can get the ticket about 9 Euros from Bologna to Florence etc.

You can do it by select your city then select the destination as country not a city. So you can check all the prices for that date. That is the magic :))

So, we handled with the extra train cost. Now get ready, if you are lucky you just do it approximately flight ticket cost to Rome. Also, you can visit extra 2 cities (Bologna, Florence) but of course it is all about the lucky day and prices.

 Now, we planned the all transportation as fly to Bologna, train to Florence, train to Rome. Just planned, don’t buy immediately. Because we also have to set up all the accommodations. Go forward, be patient :))


The first choice can be free-stay in a friend house, coach surfing etc. but, I don’t suggest especially if it is your first going abroad experience. So, just go to to check all possibilities in the Bologna, Florence and Rome.

You should consider the price, private bathroom if you want and if possible a safe-case for the protection of your money, passport that are your best friend there, don’t forget. Also, want to use repayment of your money if you cancel your room. It is important, remember we have limited money. We can’t lose it easily.

You can check the comments and ratings. But, every people is different. So, somethings are bad for them can be OK for you. Just compare more comments and find the same and different for same specialities. So, statistically you can get some clues about the real comments. But, don’t forget statistic is generally known as art of lie with numbers 😀 but I don’t think like that.

So, already now you handled most of the duties before travel. Congratulations! You are getting expertise on that. No, don’t get so above the clouds.

Now Chapter 2 is coming.

CHAPTER 2 for Travel Checklist


If you have a passport that is valid in any Schengen countries, don’t worry. But, if you don’t, you have to take visa. But, you should check the country condition. I am not sure that having a passport that is valid in Schengen countries means that you don’t have to take visa of it. I can’t guarantee that you can go abroad. So, Make your research carefully about it.


Before go to Schengen application, decide about going consulate directly or using an agent. If you decide to use agent or there is no application which lets you go and submit to consulate directly, try to learn about the agent. Is it legal and official agent of the consulate? That is important.

Don’t forget to get your travel insurance. That is a condition of Schengen visas and it is good for your health in foreign countries. I will explain one of my experience about using insurance in Czech Republic.


Now, we succeeded about deciding the city, flight tickets, train tickets, accommodation, travel insurance, visas. We are almost ready.

Now, we have to get all of them properly in a file folder to be tidy. Also, the passport control officers want you to show your documents about the travel. So, it is important that they should be reachable easily.

After that, get a copy of your ID Card and passport. I don’t get my passport near me every time. Yeah, sometimes I carry it with me, but it is always in my front pocket of my pants, not back or not in the back-pack. It is really dangerous. Thieves almost were grabbing my wife’s bag. Not good memory!

Now, we are ready to fly for new adventure. We will talk about the gears of a travel according to us another share, see you until that day,

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Signs for travel checklist :)
Signs for travel checklist 🙂


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